Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Better Cloud Printer III - The Hardware

This post continues from my earlier post:

The Hardware

The prototype has been finished for two weeks, but I have not had time to update this blog.  Now I proudly present the 1st unit, hand crafted by Reed:

  • A: 12v~5v voltage converter module. 
  • B: Raspberry Pi running modified Raspbian.
  • C: the original printer board.
The printer looks industrial solid and cost me just about $100.

What next?

- Make a youtube demo video.
- Setup a webstore to take pre-order.
- Complete the public API.
- Attract buyers/investors.

Update 2014-04-08:

1) The printer project name is officially "Distant Print".
2) I am finishing up the client program, hopefully will release a RPi SD image soon.

For anyone who is reading this:

If you feel that you are good at any tasks above, I am looking for a co-founder.  Feel free to send me a message.  (6-Feb-2014)